Website Design - 1 - What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

'Build it and they'll come', the saying goes. No they won't, no matter how striking your site could be. You need to drive visitors to your site if you'd like it to play a role in your promotion. But once you've persuaded people to visit, what then?
Can your customers judge you from the appearance and feel of your website, or from the value it offers them? In reality, how can you understand how they've 'judged' your website, except from the results you get? Put it this way: if your site were a sales man, do you sack it?
To start with, you need to understand exactly what you would like your site to attain. It could be:
A brochure website, telling people what you do or what you sell. It's not ideal, but it's quick and a lot, lot better than nothing

An e-commerce website, allowing individuals to buy online

A sales letter on a mini-site. Here you've got one 'page' which 's equivalent to a printed sales letter, a 'buy now' button directing through to a payment page to select the sequence, and also a thank you page - along with a download page should you're selling something digital. You can incorporate an audio version of the correspondence
An authority website. This is a Website which 's full of useful articles and advice, that boosts you as the pro
A site. The 'web log' started out as a journal that anyone could create online, but it wasn't long until folks began to see the business possibilities. You can receive your site as a stand-alone site, or add a site to your existing site.
A membership website. Either free or on subscription, this provides members access to useful advice, special offers, advice, a forum, etc

A directory website that's mainly links and paid ads. Although they could be a Very Helpful place to promote your company (and search engines such as them), you probably don't want to check here be operating one and encouraging other people unless they're paying you and aren't direct competition

Combinations of the above
For advertising a conventional offline company, you will probably choose to start with a brochure website or an e-commerce website. Brochure sites are significantly simpler to build, but nevertheless attempt to construct something which makes visitors respond until they depart. Whatever you decide on, all types of site can comprise in a promotion strategy, particularly in the event that you're focusing on your long-term authority and placement.

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